Weinstein Center for Recreation

The Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness has been renamed the Weinstein Center for Recreation. This name change helps avoid confusion and provide clarity with the new Well-Being Center. The focus of the Weinstein Center for Recreation is fitness and recreation, while the new Well-Being Center is holistic with a focus on all other dimensions of wellness. As part of this process the Recreation and Wellness Department name has changed to University Recreation. Numerous facility modifications in the Weinstein Center for Recreation were completed throughout the spring/summer 2020, giving the facility an updated and fresh look that blends well with the adjoining Well-Being Center.

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  • Jogging Track/Gymnasium

    The Well-Being Center project includes plans to provide a spectacular view from the lobby into the jogging track and gymnasium. Access to the jogging track will continue to be from inside the Weinstein Center for Recreation.

  • Multipurpose Room

    The main point of connection between the Well-Being Center and the Weinstein Center for Recreation is near the existing Weinstein Center for Recreation second level multipurpose room. Glass windows have been installed to provide transparency into the multipurpose room with a view through to the connecting corridor.

  • Second Level Fitness Floors

    In an effort to ease the transition from the upscale and soothing environment of the Well-Being Center to the Weinstein Center for Recreation, we have moved all of the bulky free weight equipment to the lower level and moved the majority of cardio equipment to the upper level fitness floor. This move, along with other structural and cosmetic improvements, provides a more refined and sophisticated first impression into the Weinstein Center for Recreation.

  • Second Level Pool Viewing Area

    The east wall of the existing second level fitness floor has been removed to increase square footage and open up this space. This change provides an opportunity to make good use of the wall between the fitness floor and the pool as a sitting area with tables and chairs and replacing the existing pool windows with more and larger windows to improve the view into the pool.