Well-Being Center

The Well-Being Center is a comprehensive and integrated facility that includes all campus health care in one location, providing easy access for students and designed to be a collaborative high-impact environment to support student learning, student well-being, and student success. The Well-Being Center plays a critical role in the health and well-being of our campus community. The Center impacts retention and graduation rates of our students by providing affordable and convenient health and wellness services and programs delivered by professionals attuned to the unique stressors and needs of college students.

The Center’s staff and resources focus on the “upstream” approach by providing programs and activities that are associated with healthful decision making and prevention. By instilling positive habits ranging from nutrition and sleep to stress management and sexual health, students are less in need of the “downstream” services associated with intervention and rescue. The fact that all the services for health and wellness are simply located together eliminates a lot of barriers for students to access services. The University supports programs, systems, and processes to support behaviors known to improve academic performance. The Well-Being Center strives to support a lively environment of diversity and inclusion for students with its open and welcoming spaces.