Health and Well-being Taskforce Subcommittee Charge


The Health & Well-being Taskforce Subcommittees are appointed and charged with guiding the University of Richmond through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support built upon the University of Richmond’s existing student mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention efforts.


Academic Affairs

  • Chair: Kathleen Skerrett, Professor of Religion
  • Roger Mancastroppa, Assoc Dir Academic Skills, Academic Skills
  • Scott Johnson, Associate Provost for Student Academic Initiatives & Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  • Mir Sultan, ’20, Vice President of Student Affairs, RCSGA


  • Chair: Tom Roberts, Associate Vice President, Health & Wellness
  • Ally Charleston, ‘20
  • Dave McCoy, AVP, Public Safety & Chief, Police Department
  • Rachel Rodney, Assistant Director/Career Advisor, Career Services

Coordination of Care/Clinical/Wellness

  • Chair: Craig Kocher, University Chaplain
  • Lynne Deane, Director, Student Health Center
  • Laura Knouse, Associate Professor of Psychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Gibran Merchant, ’20, Wellness Education Bandit, Student Health Center
  • Lauren Wicklund, Associate Director of Athletics for Leadership Development

Identifying Students at Risk

  • Co-Chair: Patrick Benner, Director, Residential Life & Undergraduate Student Housing
  • Co-Chair: Heather Sadowski, Director, Health Promotion
  • Steve Bisese, Vice President for Student Development
  • Chantelle Bernard, Associate Director, Disability Services & Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Megan Brooks, ‘21
  • Meg Pevarski, Assistant Director of Greek Life, Center for Student Involvement
  • Alex Sklut, Associate Dean of Students, Dean, Law School

Policy, Planning, & Means Restriction

  • Chair: Pete LeViness, Director, Center for Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Rob Ryan, ‘19
  • Shannon Sinclair, Vice President & General Council


Review JED Strategic Plan item action steps and corresponding notes that have been assigned to your subcommittee. Create plans for improvement by considering best practices as identified through research in the field or the work of other colleges anduniversities as well as consulting with other University working groups whose initiatives may align with those of your subcommittee. If time allows, subcommittees are welcome to discuss other ideas and in itiatives within the framework of their subcommittee topic.


Please create a meeting schedule that suits the needs and availability of your subcommittee. Julia Kelly is available to assist with scheduling and any other administrative support needs your subcommittee may have.


Please be prepared to present a brief report of your subcommittee’s progress at each Health & Well-being Taskforce meeting. Create summary reports to be sent electronically to Scott and Steve on Friday, December 14 and Monday, April 15. Scott and Steve will then use these to create a comprehensive Health & Well-being Taskforce progress reports. Details about the format of the summary reports will shared within the next month.